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Patrick Teghtmeyer

Addiction Counsellor

Patrick Teghtmeyer is a seasoned addiction counselling


Patrick Teghtmeyer is a seasoned addiction counselling professional with nearly 20 years in the field. He has provided care in most addiction settings including inpatient, outpatient, voluntary, involuntary, detoxification and forensics. His experience includes supporting many ages groups from youth, young adults and adults. He is very well versed in the counselling modality motivational interviewing, where he applies his supportive nature to help clients navigate their recovery journey from a client centered and trauma informed lens. With decades of experience, he has seen the shift in substances that are commonly misused; and, he is well prepared to support the vast needs of clients whether they are seeking harm reduction or abstinence.


Patrick enters the counsellor-client relationship from an open, non-judgemental position ready to provide support and care to people from all walks of life. He is very happy to help the person who is struggling or a family member who needs support.

Patrick Teghtmeyer
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