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To all interested healthcare professionals seeking new opportunities:

Manor Clinic has an established reputation for supporting clients with mental health concerns.   We are excited to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to work in a safe and supportive setting.


We aim to enhance and integrate many aspects of client care by collaborating with our team of health professionals and facilitating shared communication by all.

A Man and a Woman working together

Benefits of working at The Manor Clinic:

  • Convenient location

  • Inviting exterior and grounds

  • Manor clinic layout

  • Compatible IT Services

  • Services Professional

  • Miscellaneous

Convenient location:

  • A three-minute drive to Anthony Henday

  • A five-minute walk from Heritage Valley park and ride Right in front of the future Capital Line South LRT Extension Ellerslie road terminal

  • A two-minute drive to the new southwest Edmonton community hospital and health campus site


  • Our aim is to enhance and integrate many aspects of client care by collaborating with our team of health professionals and facilitating shared communication by all.


  • The clinic has psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, Autism and behavioral consultants and an occupational therapist.

Manor Clinic Exterior:

  • The clinic is situated on a two-acre property in the community of Rutherford Edmonton.

  • The clinic is surrounded by mature trees on all four sides. This provides a unique and park-like experience that is relaxing for the clients and the professionals. This beautiful setting also ensures privacy for our clients who may feel stigma towards their mental health concerns.

  • The clinic backs on to a tree line with walking trails that could be used by staff and clients for a relaxing walk in the nature.

  • The clinic has porch swing and garden swings that can be used by the clients during warm weather for a relaxing and sensory experience.

  • There will be double sided roadside sign on 127 Street to improve clinic visibility.

  • Ample parking: The clinic has ample free parking that can be used by the staff and the clients. This includes handicap parking stalls.

  • The clinic provides ample lighting and security cameras for our parking areas and clinic itself.

Compatible IT Services:

  • The offices will be equipped with the most current business grade computers with 24 inch widescreens. Printer will be available at the front reception.

  • Professionals will be provided a secure Manor clinic e-mail address.

  • Electronic medical record system (EMR) access will be provided to the professionals for scheduling, charting and billing purposes. Training for the EMR will also be provided.

  • The clinic has completed Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) through the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta. Professionals will be able to access Alberta Netcare’s electronic health records.

  • A secure phone line will be available in each of the consultation rooms.

  • The clinic website is available that will provide important clinic information including the information about the professionals providing services from the clinic.

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