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Autism Consultant

An autism consultant is a professional who specializes in providing expertise, guidance, and support to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families, as well as organizations and educational institutions. These consultants offer personalized strategies and interventions to help individuals with autism thrive in various aspects of life, including social interactions, communication, behavior management, and academic or vocational pursuits. They may assist in creating individualized education plans (IEPs), offer behavior therapy recommendations, provide training to caregivers and educators, and promote understanding and acceptance of autism within communities and workplaces. Autism consultants often collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, including therapists, educators, and medical professionals, to ensure comprehensive and tailored support for individuals with autism and their families.

Our autism consultants have extensive experience in working with children, young people and adults with autism spectrum disorder.


They provide the following services:


Pre-diagnostic consultations:
This consultation service is available to parents/guardians who are concerned that the individual (e.g., their child or young person) has an autism spectrum disorder and are seeking advice on whether or not to pursue a diagnostic assessment now or in the future.

Diagnostic assessments for children, young people and adults:
Our experienced autism consultants provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary autism spectrum disorder assessments. Please see more information on the autism assessment page for further details.

Post-diagnosis support:
We offer post-diagnostic support to children, young people and adults diagnosed at the Manor Clinic and elsewhere. We provide therapeutic interventions for individuals with ASD, couples and families.

Please contact Manor Clinic to discuss services offered by our autism consultants. 

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