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Autism Consultant

Our autism consultants have extensive experience in working with children, young people and adults with autism spectrum disorder. They provide the following services:


Pre-diagnostic consultations:
This consultation service is available to parents/guardians who are concerned that the individual (e.g., their child or young person) has an autism spectrum disorder and are seeking advice on whether or not to pursue a diagnostic assessment now or in the future.

Diagnostic assessments for children, young people and adults:
Our experienced autism consultants provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary autism spectrum disorder assessments. Please see more information on the autism assessment page for further details.

Post-diagnosis support:
We offer post-diagnostic support to children, young people and adults diagnosed at the Manor Clinic and elsewhere. We provide therapeutic interventions for individuals with ASD, couples and families.

Therapy includes help with:

Psychoeducation/post-diagnosis work – e.g. what is ASD?

Skills training includes:

  • Emotional regulation

  • Improving empathy

  • Problem-solving

  • Social skills

  • Mindfulness / Identity

  • Couple/family work

Please contact Manor Clinic to discuss services offered by our autism consultants. 

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