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Jenny Ann Phillips

Registered Psychologist

Jenny Ann is a Registered Psychologist and is a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists as well as Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. She graduated from McGill University in 2017 in Counselling Psychology. She has experience working in private practice as well as interdisciplinary clinics (e.g., PCN).

A movie she has watched in the past resonated well with her as a woman of color. Some of the themes she was able to identify were of strength, courage, resiliency, growth, and empowerment. She values these themes and they are ones she tries to bring into one’s therapeutic journey.

She works with all adults ages 18 and over at all stages of life. She endeavours to create a safe and inclusive space for people from all backgrounds. She practices using an eclectic approach and is not confined to one therapeutic modality. She particularly enjoys using CBT, CBT-i, DBT, solutions focused, motivational interviewing, ACT; Jenny Ann also provides EMDR. Certain distressing experiences may give rise to limiting beliefs that we may hold about ourselves, and through EMDR we can allow processing and desensitization to take place of these events, giving room to more adaptive beliefs about oneself.

Finally, Jenny Ann would like to help empower her clients, provide them with skills, alongside with the feeling of being self-reliant. She has been told that she is very easy to approach and open up to.

Jenny Ann Phillips
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