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Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

What Is Sex Addiction?

As professional psychologists we are frequently asked if pornography addiction exists and if it can be treated — happily, the answer to both questions is "yes." Addictions can emerge in a variety of settings, and pornography is now more widely available than ever. Pornography Addiction is a genuine and rising epidemic because it elicits an emotional reaction on such a deep, visceral level. Fortunately, it is treatable with understanding and effort.

All addictions stem from challenges with emotional management. When we are experiencing tough emotions, we frequently engage in behaviors that divert us from dealing with sentiments that we would rather not address. Pornography appears to lure some people out of their current emotional state and into a different set of sensations, whilst for others, addiction might take the shape of alcohol, drugs, or overeating. This distinct set of emotions suppresses their underlying emotional concerns, providing a temporary fix that gives a momentary distraction and sensation of comfort. Porn addicts are typically persons who never learned how to manage uncomfortable emotions in their childhood. They have grown into grownups who are prone to adopting harmful coping methods because they lack the necessary abilities to deal with them. They may acquire the habit of going to porn whenever they are experiencing bad sentiments of any kind. When individuals encounter even little unpleasant sentiments that are part of their daily life, such as boredom or tension, they may gradually find themselves engaged in pornography. Even if they don't watch porn every day, it might become their go-to coping method when life becomes tough.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Many addictions arise from a problem comprehending emotions as a child; psychodynamic therapy seeks to uncover the fundamental reason of your sex addiction by investigating what's going on in your mind at a subconscious level. It's a procedure that can help you figure out better ways to deal with your sex addiction.

Cognitive Behavioural Treatment

Cognitive behavior therapy is frequently the best option for persons who want to focus on tactics they may use in their daily life. It assists you in changing your existing addiction-related attitudes and behaviors and breaking free from the cycle you've found yourself in.

We also recognize that sex addiction may have a major influence on other aspects of your life and can provide you with expert assistance in these areas as well. If it has an influence on your love relationships or job life, for example, our staff can discuss and give answers for these as well.


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