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What is Dyslexia?

The word "dyslexia" refers to a condition in which a person of average ability struggles to read. The particular manner in which the condition is felt differs. People may struggle with spelling, reading, writing, and other skills. The severity of the disorder varies as well, and some persons with a moderate version of the condition might adopt compensatory behaviors that make it difficult to recognize them. Dyslexia is the most frequent learning problem worldwide, affecting up to 7% of the population. It is easier to diagnose in nations where the language is less phonetic than English, causing more difficulties in language acquisition. It does, however, occur all over the planet.

Dyslexia In Children

Early indicators of the illness in children include delayed speech and difficulties distinguishing left from right. Dyslexia symptoms can coexist with those of other learning problems, such as ADHD. People frequently have the impression that something is wrong but are unsure what the issue is.

Dyslexia may cause a considerable lot of mental discomfort in school-aged children, who are disappointed by the gap between their intellect level and their reading ability, and frequently by their relative failure to improve. If their disease is not appropriately managed, they may have difficulty later in life, since dyslexia can interfere with employment and professional advancement. In general, the sooner it is identified, the better the educational outcome and the lower the frequency of mental discomfort associated with the illness.

Everyone is unique, and it is not always easy to determine why one person has dyslexia while another does not. It is sometimes inherited, and research shows that both genetic and environmental factors might play a role. Dyslexia in adults can arise as a result of a stroke or trauma. In any case, the first step toward therapy is a precise diagnosis, which provides you with the information you need to proceed.

Dyslexia Test

A variety of tests can be performed to diagnose dyslexia. A properly certified educational psychologist should administer these examinations. Your psychologist will collect data on a variety of topics, including background information about your family and facts about any instances of the disease or other learning impairments, general IQ, spoken language skills, word recognition, phonological processing, and more.

Even though some easy screening tests are accessible online, a comprehensive dyslexia examination by a professional is required to identify whether someone has it and what therapies would be appropriate for them.

With a proper diagnosis, it is feasible to adjust learning tactics to the person's individual kind of dyslexia. Furthermore, many education institutions such as schools and universities are obligated to offer particular accommodations for persons with disabilities, such as extra time to finish test papers.


Getting a diagnosis is the first step in treating dyslexia. We can give patients with a verified dyslexia diagnostic that will provide clarity and allow them to make arrangements at work, college, or school to lessen the condition's impact on performance and outcomes.

At Manor Clinic, our dyslexia assessments are performed by highly trained Psychologists. They often conduct dyslexia examinations and have extensive expertise and experience in assessing and treating dyslexia. Following each evaluation, our experts can either produce a detailed report or offer verbal comments. This report can be sent to a school or institution in order to request special treatment for tests and assignments. We will discuss the findings and therapy alternatives with the individual. In addition, we offer free counseling and recommendations on how to manage the disease and establish effective coping techniques.

Dyslexia Treatment

Irrespective of age (or the age of the person being tested), having a clear grasp of what is wrong and how to deal with it can be the beginning of a lot simpler future. We can not only diagnose you, but we can also assist you conquer it.


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