Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is an integrated, evidence-based method that combines cognitive, behavioral, and experiential strategies. Schema therapy can assist us in making sense of how we have learnt to adapt and cope with various situations as a result of our own unique experiences.

The term "schema" refers to a blueprint that an individual has constructed about themselves, the world, and other people, and which is frequently at the root of their emotional troubles. When some or all of our needs are not addressed as children, we build schemas. Understanding our demands and the associated schemas can assist us in changing the cycles we find ourselves in. In maturity, schemas and modes restrict us from meeting our requirements.

Schema therapy has a strong evidence foundation in a variety of illnesses, including eating disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. However, you do not need to have a mental health diagnosis to benefit from schema therapy; this method provides a tremendously beneficial way for all of us to begin to develop our understanding of ourselves and how we interact with others.

If you identify with any of the following, schema therapy might be an excellent next step for you:

1. I'm not sure why I keep repeating harmful habits in relationships.

2.I want to learn more about myself, grow as a person, and alter my connection with myself and others.

3.I am still influenced by things that occurred to me in my childhood and past and sometimes are triggered in the present.

4. I frequently employ coping strategies that are damaging to my long-term objectives, such as eating, smoking, drinking, and binge-watching TV to detach from stress and my underlying issues.

5. feelings.

6. I appear to go through life on autopilot, with little comprehension of my own sentiments or what I truly require.

7.I struggle with being in social situations, frequently feeling different, not good enough, or as if I don't belong. During lockdown, I suffered with loneliness and isolation in ways that startled me or brought back sad memories from the past.

8. Schema therapy is available at the Manor Clinic in both individual and group formats.


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