To all interested Healthcare Professionals seeking new opportunities:

The newly renovated Manor Clinic is now offering office space for a variety of healthcare providers who are wishing to work privately in a calming and professional environment.


Manor Clinic has an established reputation for supporting clients with mental health problems. Manor clinic currently has a psychiatrist and an Autism consultant providing service. We are excited to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to work in a safe and supportive setting.


Our aim is to enhance our client’s quality of care with integrated health, and to ensure a high degree of collaboration and communication amongst our health professionals. 

Benefits of working at the Manor clinic:

Convenient location

  • 3 minutes drive to Anthony Henday

  • 5-minute walk from Heritage Valley park and ride

  • Right in front of the future Capital Line South LRT Extension Ellerslie road terminal

  • 2-minute drive to the new south west Edmonton community hospital and health campus site


Manor clinic exterior

  • The clinic is situated on a two-acre property in Rutherford Edmonton.

  • The clinic is fully surrounded by mature trees on all four sides. This provides a unique and park-like experience that is relaxing for the clients and the professionals. This beautiful setting also helps to ensure privacy of the clients and to reduce stigma of the conditions like mental health problems that are being treated in the clinic.

  • The clinic backs on to a tree line with walking trails that could be used by staff and clients for a relaxing walk in the nature.

  • The clinic has porch swing and garden swings that can be used by the clients during warm weather for a relaxing and sensory experience.

  • There will be double sided roadside sign on 127 Street to improve clinic visibility.

  • Ample parking: The clinic has ample parking stalls that can be used by the staff and the clients. This includes handicap parking stalls.

  • The clinic parking is lit with LED lights to ensure safety of the professionals and the clients. In addition to this, video surveillance with security cameras have also been installed to enhance safety.


Manor clinic layout

  • The clinic has 14 consultation rooms on two floors.

  • Most of the clinic rooms have windows with a view of the mature tree line and garden. There are no building structure/house visible from the consultation room windows. This provides a relaxing experience for the clients and professionals.

  • The consultation rooms will have office desk, ergonomic office chair for the professionals and comfortable chairs for the clients. The clinic will also have provision of bariatric chair.

  • The clinic will have two qualified, trained, and professional receptionists at the front desk to guide and support clients and the professionals.

  • The clinic is fully handicap accessible and has two accessible toilets.

  • Video surveillance with security cameras have been installed in the reception, waiting and communal areas to ensure staff and patient safety.

  • The clinic rooms are designed to be soundproof to ensure privacy of the information exchanged between the clients and the professionals.

  • The basement is specially designed to provide a relaxing and private space for the staff. This includes basement kitchen (with a refrigerator, microwave, table and chairs) and a staff toilet.



  • The offices will be equipped with the latest All-in-one commercial grade computer with 24’ wide screen.

  • Printer will be available at the front reception.

  • Professionals will be provided a secure Manor clinic e-mail addresses.

  • Electronic medical record system (EMR) access will be provided to the professionals for scheduling, charting and billing purpose. Training for the EMR will also be provided.

  • The clinic has completed Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) through the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta. Professionals will be able to access Alberta Netcare’s electronic health records.

  • A secure phone line will be available in each of the consultation room.

  • A fully functional clinic website is available that will provide important clinic information including the information about the professionals providing services from the clinic.



  • The aim of the clinic is to provide integrated health care to ensure high degree of collaboration and communication among health professionals to enhance quality of client care.

  • The clinic has a psychiatrist and an Autism consultant providing service. We have expression of interest from psychologists and a family physician.



  • Manor clinic has established reputation for supporting people with mental health problems and Developmental Disabilities that includes Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities. Our clients have been referred by referrers across the province and from other provinces. This includes referrals from family practices, psychology practices and various Alberta Health Services teams. The clinic will promote services provided by the new professionals joining the clinic to the existing and new referrers.

  • Visiting cards will be printed for the professionals working for the clinic.

  • Display TV in the reception will provide promotional information about the services provided at the clinic.


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