Dawn Marie Greene

Autism and Behavioral Consultant

Dawn Marie has over 30 years of direct experience supporting children and adults with Developmental Disabilities and Dual Diagnosis. She started out volunteering with the Robin Hood

Association at a young age and decided to pursue a career doing what she loved.

About Dawn Marie Greene

She graduated from the Rehabilitation Practitioner Program at Grant MacEwan College in 1996 and chose to continue working in her desired field for direct experience and training. She continued her studies

with Proactive Strategies for Supporting Individuals with Challenging Behavior in 2002 at Grant

MacEwan College and then with the Positive Approaches Institute in 2009. Dawn Marie loves

sharing her knowledge and experiences and is currently a Positive Behavior Supports instructor

and a Mandt System® instructor. Dawn Marie has attended numerous training events on Fetal

Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Harm Reduction, Trauma

Informed Care, and Indigenous teachings, such as Tools for Reconciliation and Healing through


She has been with Skills Society; a large not-for-profit agency in Edmonton that provides support

services for people with developmental disabilities and their families, for over 20 years. Within her

roles, she completed Functional Assessments, Risk Assessments, Planned Positive Procedures,

Restrictive Procedures and Assistive Technology and/or Environmental Intervention Procedures

with feedback and support from the teams, the individuals, and their support networks (family

members, friends, supervisors, staffing supports, case workers etc.) She would often act as a

liaison with funders, Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Child and Family Services,

external partnerships such as the Community Outreach and Assessment Support Team

(C.O.A.S.T), medical professionals and other disability service agencies. She instructed hundreds

of employees to learn safe and effective techniques for conflict resolution and de-escalation to

help manage unsafe situations in the home and community.

She started her own private Behavioral Consultant-Independent Broker services in August 2017.

In this role she consults with families who provide daily supports to their children and/or family

members with complex behavioral and mental health needs. Dawn Marie provides objective, clear

communication in the form of individualized assessments, strategies, and procedures, with

regards to any observations and recommendations that result from spending time with the

individual and their support network. Dawn Marie provides training to families and their supports,

that are based on building healthy relationships, healthy communication, and safe, respectful

conflict management. It is her goal to assist individuals with complex behavioral needs to live their

best lives and always be treated with dignity and respect.