Courtney Schulze

Behaviour Consultant

Courtney Schulze received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta in Linguistics and Psychology. While completing her degree, she began working with children and adolescents who had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

About Courtney Schulze

In order to pursue her interest in helping those diagnosed with ASD, Courtney continued her education with a Master of Education specializing in behavioural science. This included an additional certificate and further guidance from Board Certified Behaviour Analyst’s (BCBA) in a variety of clinical settings,

allowing Courtney to register as BCBA. The BCBA designation credits its professional

registrants with the ability to work internationally and ensures that all intervention techniques are

based in current research (evidenced based) with best outcomes in mind. It is through this

certification that Courtney is able to identify specific behaviours, create step-by-step plans that

clients and families can understand, and begin a journey to improving all capacities of life.

Courtney has always worked within Edmonton and greater area, and through her eight years of

experience has assisted in a multitude of projects.



The first included an international software development of a telehealth application for data collection in clinical practice and the second was assisting in creating an employment program for adults on the Autism spectrum. Courtney’s focus remained on creating dignified, long lasting employment opportunities that allowed individuals to express their skills and this program continues to employ those on the Autism

spectrum today. Since this time, Courtney focused on refining her behavioural intervention

techniques at various agencies throughout Edmonton focusing on functional behaviour

assessment, data collection techniques, and addressing to the root cause of behaviours for clients

she supports. With this information, she works with clients, their families/caregivers, teachers,

and other community partners to create meaningful change and support to all of those that she

works with.


Courtney remains driven to help those diagnosed with ASD and continues her own development

with specialty training in Functional Communication Training (FCT), sleep, social skills, and

sexual behaviours. Her goals to all of those she supports are that they feel empowered with

information, impacted by meaningful change, and trust in the guidance that experts can provide.