How do I choose a psychologist or psychiatrist?

The things to bear in mind when choosing whether to see a psychiatrist or psychologist are whether you’re likely to need medication or not. If you will need medication, then it’s very important to be assessed and treated by a psychiatrist, though you may also need to see a psychologist for talking treatment as well.


How long does a psychiatric consultation take?

A consultation with our Manor Clinic Psychiatrist is an interview which lasts typically around an hour to 90 minutes. And during that time, we would talk about all the different factors, which could have led to the psychiatric difficulties that you’re having now.

What happens during an initial assessment meeting?

It’s always important to have a thorough assessment initially so that you can be clear about what the diagnosis is and then plan the treatment that’s going to be right for you. So for some people, it’s going to be very important that they take medication. And for most people, there’s going to be a very important process of having psychological help to help them manage and come to terms of their difficulties.

What is involved in a psychiatric consultation?

A psychiatry consultation is a meeting to look into the symptoms that you’re having to see how long you’ve been suffering from them and what might have led to them coming on. We would also spend some time thinking about your development and what the rest of your life has been like, the different factors which might impact on how you are today.


How do I know if psychiatric treatment has worked?

Successful treatment will mean that you don’t suffer the symptoms anymore and that you don’t need to take medication anymore. That’s our goal with everybody that we assess and treat.

How do you decide on a treatment plan?

When you’re coming for assessment, it’s often helpful to see a psychiatrist in the first place to have a full diagnostic assessment. And then you can develop a treatment plan together, which might well include a combination of psychiatric treatment, meaning medication, and psychological treatment, which should be a talking treatment delivered by a psychologist in the clinic.

What can be done to improve outcome for psychiatric therapy?

Best outcomes are achieved when you have someone treating you that you have confidence in. And at The Manor Clinic, we think it’s very important that you work with a clinician who you have faith in.

When is psychiatric medication required?

Psychiatric medication is suited to people with anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. These are the main areas that we treat with medication.


What are the treatment options for substance misuse?

Different treatment options for substance misuse are medical, where you can take a medication to help you manage withdrawal and addiction effects, and psychological, to help you both cope with the cravings and also make the changes in your life and the underlying causes that have led you to substance misuse in the first place.

What are antidepressants?

Antidepressants are medications used to treat depression and also anxiety. They should help your mood to lift. You should normally take them for at least six weeks to see if they’re having a helpful effect, and you won’t become addicted to them.

What antidepressants are required?

If we prescribe a medication for you at the Manor Clinic, we’ll think carefully with you about which one is going to be suitable and we’ll check that you’re responding to it appropriately. If you develop any problems with it, we can always then decide if it’s necessary to change.

What are the long term implications of depression?

Depression is a condition which can come back repeatedly through people’s lives. If that’s happening, then it’s very important to both optimise the medication that you’re taking and seek a psychological treatment which can get to the root causes of it and stop it becoming so debilitating over somebody’s life.