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Information for Referrers
(psychiatry referrals)

  1. Referral process: Please send a referral letter to the Manor clinic by fax (preferred method) on 780-666-2608 or by e-mail at


Alternatively, you can post a referral letter to Manor Clinic 1107 127 Street SW Edmonton T6W 1A3


  1. Psychiatrist will decide after the patient’s initial consultation whether they would be able to accept them for an ongoing care.

  2. Psychiatrist would respectfully deny referral that is beyond the scope of their expertise or in case if the Manor clinic is not equipped to support patients that require input from a multi-disciplinary team.

  3. If the patient that you are referring is suicidal or is experiencing an acute mental health crisis, please advise them to contact their nearest Emergency Department. Alternatively, you can contact Addiction and Mental Health (AMH) Access 24/7 on 780-424-2424 to get help for patients experiencing mental health crisis.  

  4. Wait time: Our psychiatrist has a waiting time of about three months for seeing a patient for an initial consultation.

  5. Phone consult: Please feel free to contact our psychiatrist for a phone consultation for discussing management of the mutual patients or for management of patients waiting to be seen for their initial consultation. Please contact Manor Clinic administrator on 780-669-8555 to arrange a phone consultation with our psychiatrist. Our psychiatrist would try to respond request for a phone consultation on the same day or within 24 hours.