Memory issues? Manor Clinic offers quick and easy access to a  psychiatrist, who will assess your memory and any psychological issues that may be impacting on your ability to function and remember things.

Memory And Depression

At Manor Clinic we are able to address this depression with an innovative treatment called rTMS, a very safe and effective treatment for depression. rTMS has a stimulating effect on the brain that is likely to help with mild to moderate memory problems when depression is a complicating factor. Even in the absence of depression, rTMS has also been shown to help memory in some cases.

Integrated Service

We provide an integrated service, tailored to your needs, in a friendly and non-threatening environment, away from busy clinics, We can organise brain scans and other investigations and, if necessary, one of our psychologists will carry out more in-depth memory tests with you. We also work closely with consultant physicians and other specialists.

If it is difficult for you to come to us, depending on where you live, we may be able to do a telehealth consult at short notice, carry out a comprehensive examination and devise a treatment package.

If you have any questions about Memory loss symptoms or treatment, or would like to book a consultation with one of our experts, simply call us on 780-669-8555. Our team is here waiting to help.