Consultation With A Private Psychiatrist

Are you looking for a private psychiatrist, but want a little more information?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have specialised in mental health. They have extensive training in the assessment and treatment of mental health problems and are able to prescribe psychiatric medications which some people need as part of their treatment package.

An initial assessment with a private psychiatrist at our Manor clinic

We may recommend that you have an appointment with one of our psychiatrists as the first step in your assessment and treatment in the clinic; in this appointment the psychiatrist will talk with you to understand how your difficulties have arisen and how they are impacting your life now,

These are the most common parts of a comprehensive, diagnostic psychiatric evaluation. But, each evaluation is different, as each person's symptoms and behaviors are different. Evaluation may include (where relevant):

your mental health symptoms and experiences

your feelings, thoughts and actions

your physical health and wellbeing

your housing and financial circumstances

your employment and training needs

your social and family relationships

your culture and ethnic background

your gender and sexuality

your use of drugs or alcohol

past experiences, especially of similar problems

issues relevant to your or others' safety

whether there's anyone who depends on you, such as a child or elderly relative

your strengths and skills, and what helps you best

your hopes and aspirations for the future


You only have to talk about what you want to talk about.


Psychiatric medication

There are a range of medications that can be prescribed to help people with mental health difficulties. The types of problems that can be helped by medication include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, ADHD and personality disorder. These medications require a doctor to prescribe them just like any medications you take for physical health problems; we can provide these prescriptions or can arrange for you to receive them via your family physician.

Follow-up appointments

When you start on a psychiatric medication it is important to have a follow-up appointment to check whether you find it helpful and if there are any side-effects. It is often the case that a period of monitoring and dose adjustment is needed because many of these medications take a while to develop their full effect. People have very individual responses to psychiatric medications – if you don’t find a particular medication suits you there are usually a number of alternatives which we will help you consider so that you can find the most appropriate prescription for your needs.